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Benagil Cave Tours From Albufeira

If you have time for just one activity while in Albufeira, make it a Benagil Cave boat tour!

Discover Benagil Cave From Albufeira

Portugal’s Algarve coast is simply unmatched. It could top the list of Europe’s most beautiful beaches for its golden sand and warm, turquoise waters alone.

Yet, it’s the dramatic limestone cliffs and intricate web of sea caves—including the famed Benagil Cave—hidden beneath them that make the Algarve coastline so incredibly magical.

The cliffside and beaches offer amazing views, but there’s nothing quite like exploring the Algarve caves by boat! Especially since the crown jewel of the coastline is only accessible via the water.


Discover Albufeira and Benagil Caves

Luckily, Benagil cave tours run from Albufeira year-round, making the unforgettable experience of touring the caves an easy addition to your trip. You’ll just have to decide which type of boat tour you’re looking for.

From catamarans and full-size boats to rigid inflatable boats and kayaks, there’s really no wrong way to do it. Any time spent enjoying the spectacular Algar de Benagil, as it’s locally known, is sure to be the highlight of your trip! 

For rough seas or families with small kids, larger boats promise a more stable boat ride. Couples or groups of friends might prefer a small boat that can maneuver inside of the cave, weaving beneath rock formations and zipping through grottos. Others still might opt for a Benagil Cave kayak tour, combining an active day at sea with the natural wonder of the Algarve caves.

Whatever you choose, pack the camera. You’re about to experience some of the most beautiful coastline in the world!

Most tours run for 2-3 hours, with about 15 minutes of that time spent in the Benagil Sea Cave itself. If you’re interested in cruising inside to get a glimpse of the cave’s natural skylight and Benagil Beach, you’ll need to book a small boat or kayak tour. 

The whimsical limestone cave is a paradise of its own; but the tour doesn’t end here. You’ll visit over 20 sea caves on the boat ride back to the marina, navigating past hidden grottos, through rock arches and along dozens of secluded beaches.

While the coast is the star of the show, you’ll have the chance to spot dolphins or take a dip in the clear waters along the way.

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