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Albufeira Parasailing Flights

Have a high-flying adventure with amazing views

Experience The Algarve with a New Set of Eyes

If you think Albufeira is beautiful from land, just wait until you see it from the air on an unforgettable parasailing adventure. All of the natural beauty that makes Albufeira a must-visit destination – pristine beaches, historic buildings, cliffs, and caves – looks even more amazing from the sky. Parasailing is an exhilarating way to take your Albufeira vacation to the next level and experience the Algarve with a new set of eyes.


See Albufeira From the Sky

It’s impossible to run out of fun activities in the Algarve. But if you’re looking for a unique adventure during your time in Albufeira, you can’t go wrong with a parasailing tour. Combining an exhilarating boat ride from the Albufeira Marina with a thrilling flight over the water, parasailing is a special activity that is sure to be the highlight of your trip.

After enjoying a quick boat ride into open waters, you’ll get strapped safely into the harness and the excitement begins! Before you know it, the parachute will open and you’ll slowly float up to a height of 80 meters. It’s normal to feel an adrenaline rush as you gaze down at the water and out over the beautiful shoreline. Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the turquoise water and the boaters and kayakers splashing beneath you as the warm wind rushes over you.

See views of narrow streets, whitewashed houses, and sunny beaches as you float peacefully in the air. The cliffs and rock formations look even more impressive from the sky. Catch a glimpse of the marina, the pedestrian square, and churches. When your airtime is up you’ll be eager to do it all over again!

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