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Carvoeiro Cave Tours

Tour Benagil Cave from Carvoeiro

See the beautiful Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro is an idyllic vacation destination with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and gorgeous natural scenery including cliffs and caves. The many caves throughout the Algarve are one of the most popular attractions in the country, with boat and kayak tours that take you right into the heart of these incredible geological feats. Dotting the Portuguese coastline, the caves near Carvoeiro, and Benagil Cave in particular, are must-see locations during your time in the Algarve. Reserve a cave tour from Carvoeiro and let your captain do all the work while you sit back and take in the astounding natural beauty.


Cruise to Benagil Cave and Beyond

Portugal’s natural seaside caves will leave you breathless. Formed millions of years ago from wave activity on the coast, the caves feature tight channels, huge openings, and natural arches. The turquoise water of the Algarve against the light rock background makes any of the Carvoeiro caves an incredible destination for photography.

The most well-known cave near Carvoeiro is Benagil Cave, one of the most emblematic sights in the Algarve. Sunlight streams through a hole in the cave ceiling, sparkling onto the beach below and making you feel like you’ve entered another world. The only way to access the interior of Benagil Cave is on a boat or kayak tour, and there are some great options from Carvoeiro that can show you the best of the coastline, including other popular caves and private beaches. We recommend touring the caves from Carvoeiro on a guided tour, as the tides and sea conditions can change rapidly. Expert guides share the history of the caves and point out all the must-see spots.

Don’t miss this top Algarve attraction! Book your Benagil Cave tour online today.

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