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Portimão Skydiving

See the best of the Algarve from the sky!

Golden Coast and Azure Waters

Looking to turn up the adrenaline on your Portugal vacation? It doesn’t get any more exciting than skydiving. Take in everything that makes the Algarve so special from a unique perspective — thousands of meters in the air!

Lose yourself in the golden coast and azure waters as you freefall. This is the most thrilling experience you’ll have while in Portugal. Book your skydive in the Algarve online today.


The Most Thrilling Experience in the Algarve

You can find peace and quiet on the beaches of the Algarve, but if you need a boost of adventure, take to the skies and jump into the most unforgettable moment of your trip. Climb to dizzying heights of 3500 meters (10,000 feet), 4200 meters (12,000 feet), or even 5000 meters (15,000) and prepare yourself for that singular feeling in your stomach that tells you you’re in freefall.

See the picturesque mosaic of the Algarve’s historic towns below you, lined by the impressive cliffs and vivid blue waters of the Atlantic. Feel the ground get closer and closer as you freefall for about a minute, then coast on your parachute as you take in the amazing views that surround you. If skydiving has been on your bucket list for a while, take this opportunity to cross it off in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Check out a variety of tandem skydiving experiences from the Aeródromo Municipal de Portimão in Alvor, just outside Portimão, and book your skydive in Portugal online now!

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